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Well water - WELL PRO dry pellets Chlorinator (240v)

H2O Chlorination

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Model #: WP-3            ( Voltage options 120v / 240v )

Well PRO 
Residential Scale System,

 Compact, convenient home water treatment. Well PRO makes sink-staining iron and manganese, pump-clogging bacteria and the rotten egg smell of hydrogen sulfide a thing of the past. This sealed sanitizing system mounts directly over the well, protected by a thermoplastic shell that resists tampering, corrosion and weather damage.

Inside, a supply of Well PRO pellets are automatically delivered by an adjustable control that releases the ideal amount to match your water use and the nature of YOUR well's water.

The Well PRO™ Dry Pellet Chlorinator dry pellet chlorination

  • Kills bacteria at the wellhead source well water disinfection
  • Algae, scum, slime and fungus growth reduction.
  • Eliminates "rotten egg" odor ( H2S ) by eliminating sulfate-reducing bacteria reduces iron and manganese
  • Reduces iron and manganese problems by oxidation/precipitation
  • kills iron bacteria and sulfur reducing bacteria
  • Kills iron bacteria that cause slime, pump and screen clogging, etc.
  • kills fecal coliform and reduces total coliform bacteria
  • Reliable, consistent dosing with less hassle and maintenance than liquid chlorinators
  • oxidizes iron and sulfur
  • Safe, easy loading of pre-packaged pellets -- NO chemicals handling
  • purifies and disinfects well water
  • Rugged, weatherproof construction designed for stand-alone outdoor installation
  • dry chlorine pellets
  • Adjustable dosage rate to accommodate any disinfection requirement
  • problem well solutions
  • Water demand operation. Feeds pellets according to well pump kick-on and duration
  • problem well solutions
    • Electrical Rating 120v 60/50 Hz   (240v 60/50 Hz )
    • EPA registered: 50510-1
    • Active ingredient: Calcium hypochlorite 70%
    • Power Requirement 3 watts  ( 2 watts / 220v )
    • Fuse Protected Yes 
    • Pellet Feed Rate (Max) 3 pellets/minute with standard pellet plate.
    • Available chlorine: 70%
    • Pellet weight: 0.28 oz. (.79 g)
    • Chlorine pellets: NSF-60 for potable water.
    • Pellet size: 11/32 inch diameter x 11/32 inch long  (8.7x 8.7 mm)
    • Pellet Storage (Max) 4 pounds (1.8 kg)
    • Special Safety features: If the well pump runs for 15 continuous minutes the well-pro ( WP-3) will shut off.
    • Validation: ANSI/NSF 61 for potable water.
    • Shipping Dimensions  34x 11 x 8  inches
    • (86 x 28 x 20 cm)
    • Shipping Weight 15 pounds (6.8 kg)

    Offered in either (120v- Model WP1 ) and ( 240v - Model WP3 ) to match your well pump voltage


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