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LUMINOR Replacement UV Ballast / Controller RCHO-56.12


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Model #: RCHO.56.12

Replacement UV Ballast / Controller   RCHO-56.12

Fits BLACKCOMB-HO 5.0 and BLACKCOMB- HO 6.0 products, separate IEC power cords sold separately

(LBH5-051, LBH5-101, LBH5- 151, LBH5-251, LBH5-401, LBH6-051, LBH6- 101, LBH6-151,   LBH6-251,LBH6-401 and all variants)

• BLACKCOMB controllers carry an IP-54 equivalent rating

• BLACKCOMB controllers have a fully potted driver circuit to enhance heat dissipation and to protect from possible water damage

• BLACKCOMB controllers feature an integral IEP (infinite expandability port) for module interfacing   (RC-B56 series only)

• BLACKCOMB controllers come with integral mounting feet

• BLACKCOMB controllers feature a 3-year manufacturers warranty

LUMINOR UV systems are covered by the following warranty:

REACTORS.....Ten (10) year Limited Warranty

ELECTRONICS.....Three (3) year Limited Warranty

UV LAMPS.....One (1) year Limited Warranty

QUARTZ SLEEVES.....One (1) year Limited Warranty

UV SENSORS.....One (1) year Limited Warranty


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