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** Luminor Professional series LBH6-401B NSF STANDARD 55 CLASS B, Independently Certified for Supplemental Disinfection


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Model #: LBH6-401B

BLACKCOMB-HO 6.0 Validated Multi-Use UV Systems                                                                                   ( LBH6-401B  28 gpm - 106 lpm )
Flow rates stated at NSF Class B dose of 16 mJ/cm2 at 70% UVT


If you are looking for an independently validated UV system for SUPPLEMENTAL disinfection of a POTABLE WATER SOURCE , LUMINOR’s new “NSF 55 CLASS B” validated systems is your solution.

Available in two version, BLACKCOMB 6.0 includes a true 254nm Teflon® based UV sensor to continuously monitor the UV output (performance) of the system. BLACKCOMB 5.0 is “factory ready” to accept a UV Intensity Module in the future if so desired.

The BLACKCOMB 6.0 systems only , version comes with a true 254nm Teflon® based UV sensor to continuously monitor the UV output (performance) of the system and delivers a graphical colour representation of the % UV intensity provided by the system.

Based on a modular, plug and play platform, the BLACKCOMB system has the most advanced residential controller on the market with a colour user interface with a multitude of screens displaying diagnostics, status, warnings and even QR codes for a link back to LUMINOR’s website.

Couple this with the capability to fully customize the colour screens with your dealer information, or different language, and you can easily see how this UV system shines above all others.

Product Features

True 254nm Teflon® based UV sensor continually measures UV output and visually displays output via the controller BLACKCOMB 6.0 SYSTEMS ONLY

  •  Colour user interface with full diagnostics and warnings including QR codes

  • ”Future-proof” expandability port for future upgrades and options

  • Axial flow, single ended, 304 stainless steel, polished reactors. POE systems include an integral sensor port/plug to allow for visual indication of lamp-on status and future sensor upgradeability (on BLACKCOMB-5.0 systems)

  • Designed & manufactured to ASME pressure vessel standards
  • User friendly bayonet style lamp connector (quick 1/4 turn removal with no extra tools needed)

  • Reliable, industry proven low pressure (LP) coated UV lamps with ceramic bases for durability and a 9000 hour life (1 year)

  • Constant current electronic controller (one controller for all systems) in a splash-proof case

  • UV sensor with 4-20 mA output capabilities and solenoid-ready capabilities                          (optional modules required)

  • IEP (infinite expandability port) for future upgrades & options

  • 304 stainless steel (BLACKCOMB) / 316L stainless (BLACKCOMB-HO), axial flow reactors allow for simple lamp/sleeve service

  • All systems include integral flow restrictor

BLACKCOMB-HO systems using HIGH OUTPUT UV LAMPS                                                                           ( 900 mA output rated at 10,000 hours life.)

Replacement Lamp  RL-950HO 

Replacement Sleeve RQ-950

** This Class B system or component conforms to NSF/ANSI 55 for the supplemental bactericidal treatment of disinfected public drinking water or other drinking water that has been tested and deemed acceptable for human consumption by the state or local health agency having jurisdiction. The system is only designed to reduce normally occurring non-pathogenic, nuisance microorganisms.

NSF Class B systems are not intended for treatment of contaminated water.  It is intended for secondary disinfection only.

While testing was performed under standard laboratory conditions, actual performance may vary.

The systems and installation shall comply with applicable provincial/state and local regulations.

LUMINOR UV systems are covered by the following warranty:

REACTORS.....Ten (10) year Limited Warranty

ELECTRONICS.....Three (3) year Limited Warranty

UV LAMPS.....One (1) year Limited Warranty

QUARTZ SLEEVES.....One (1) year Limited Warranty

UV SENSORS.....One (1) year Limited Warranty




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