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Reverse Osmosis Aquamaster AMR4000


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Model #: AMR4000

Advanced 4-stage reverse-osmosis technology. A premium, long lasting, high capacity reverse-osmosis membrane offers the finest purification available - even when it comes to harmful nitrates. Reverse Osmosis at the forefront of filtration technology. Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems use pressure to force water through a semi-permeable membrane, allowing only the water molecules to flow through. It is the most effective treatment available.

Enjoy The Many Benefits:
  • Great tasting, healthier water for drinking and cooking
  • Crystal clear ice cubes
  • Flavourful coffee, tea and juices
  • Ideal for baby formulas
  • Tasty Pasta and soups
  • Great for pet and plant water
  • The best way to enjoy the 8-10 daily glasses of water recommended by nutritionists
  • No heavy cooler bottles to lift
Aquamaster purification systems employ high capacity filters and membranes certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). Once installed, there's practically nothing to worry about.

Unlike other systems, AquaMaster's filter cartridges can be replaced in a matter of seconds with the twist of a wrist. No tools are required. You don't have to worry about "contaminating" the filter. And you don't have to fiddle with small, easy-to-damage (or misplace) parts like O-rings.


All models are engineered to fit neatly out of sight under your kitchen sink. or they can be installed in your basement or another convenient locations. 

Model:  AMR4000

  • Purification Type    RO
  • Number of Stages    4
  • Stage 1     Sediment Filter 5 micron
  • Stage 2     Granular Activated Carbon Filter 1 yr / 2500 Gal
  • Stage 3     Thin Film Composite Membrane  4-8 yrs 
  • Stage 4     Polishing Carbon Filter 1yr / 2500 Gal 
  • Capacity     ( 36 gallons per day) 
  • * Process Water Used     ( 4* per gallon ) 
  • Storage Tank Size     ( 4.4 gallon )  
  • Auto Shut-Off Valve    yes 
  • Feed Water Auto Shut-off    yes
  • Designer-Style Faucet Long Reach    Chrome w/Black 
  • Colour-coordinated Faucet (white, black or almond)    Optional
  • Ultraviolet Lamp    Optional 
  • Booster Pump    Optional

* Process Water Used per gallon is based on 50 psi (3.44 bar), 77 °F (25 °C), 750 mg/L NaCl. Process water used varies based on water pressure, water temperature and level of total dissolved solids (tds) in the incoming water. It increases with colder water, higher pressure and higher tds levelS. 

Model AMR4000

  • Water Supply Chlorinated or Non-chlorinated
  • Pressure (psi) 30-100 
  • Temperature (°F) 40-100 
  • Max Flow Rate (GPM) 0.5 
  • pH 3.0-11.0 
  • Max Turbidity (NTU) <1.0 
  • Max TDS Level (ppm) 2000 
  • Max Hardness (gpg) <20
  • Iron (mg/L) <0.1
  • Manganese (mg/L) <0.05
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (mg/L) 0.00
  • Chorine (mg/L) 0.1-10.0

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