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* Viqua Softner/tannin filter AWP1044IMT1 (1ft3)


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Model  number: AWP1044IMT1

Tannins removal system with strong base anion and CR-100 media for pH correction
Advanced, programmable control valve for backwash and regeneration sequences
Includes by-pass, salt grid, drain line, and gravel under-bed

Features & Specs

Peak Flow (15 psi pressure drop) 12.0 GPM
Continuous Flow (5 psi pressure drop) 5.0 GPM
Backwash Flow rate 2.7 GPM

Grains Capacity/lbs of Salt (Medium) 1,200 Gal/9
Volume of Media (cu.ft.) 1.00
Min pH 6.8
Water use per regeneration (gallons) 60
Overall Dimensions 28″ x 52″ (71 cm x 132 cm)
Temperature Range 1-38˚C (33-100˚F)
Pressure Range 25-100 psi
Shipping Weight 104 lbs (47 kg)




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