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* Viqua Evolve Sanitizer Conditioning System EV1054SE2-HS (1.60ft3)

Viqua / Evolve

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Model number: EV1054SE2-HS

Evolve Sanitizer Series  – SE2 Class leading range of products for problem water supplies with normal pH values.

Removes hardness and high levels of iron and manganese (up to 15 ppm combined) in a single pass
Integrated high output chlorine generator sanitizes media bed during regeneration,                    Eliminating iron bacteria

“HS” models will treat up to 0.5 ppm of sulphur/hydrogen sulphide (“rotten eggs”)
Advanced, programmable control valve for backwash and regeneration sequences 


Mineral sand bacteria can enter your house hold water through a ground aquifer or the well.Many of these contaminants can end up trapped in your home’s water softener system and, in most cases,can not be completely removed through normal system regeneration.

Now you can enjoy clean, softened water through out your house thanks to an advanced line of self-sanitizing water treatment systems – The EVOLVE Sanitizer Series®.

The EVOLVE Sanitizer Series systems are ideal for all house holds using well water. It is the only water conditioner of its kind  that provides comprehensive softening, plus iron and manganese removal, all in a single process. At the same time, the entire system disinfects it self automatically with every regeneration.


1. VIQUA's Advanced Water Products’new chlorine generator is a patented device that uses the existing brine solution to generate controlled amounts of chlorine to safely sanitize and disinfect the entire system.There are no special chemicals to add, no special salts to use, no additional equipment to purchase. The sanitizing action takes place automatically every time the system regenerates.

2. The EVOLVE Sanitizer Series uses Crystal-RightTM media (CR100/CR200), a unique silica crystal media that can soften the water, remove high amounts of iron and manganese, and even reduce ammonia through a simple regeneration with salt. Crystal-Right is also the only softening media in use today that will not be damaged by chlorine.

The EVOLVE Sanitizer Series is the only multi-purpose water treatment system that effectively removes hardness, iron and manganese; raises pH; and disinfects itself automatically during regeneration.

SE1 -4-in-1 system removes hardness, iron, manganese and raises your water pH, all in a single pass.

SE2 -4-in-1 system design removes hardness, iron and manganese, and reduces ammonia, all in a single pass.

•No other equipment add-ons required.This single system design maximizes water pressure through out your home.

•Cleans and sanitizes it self automatically using the Advanced Water Products chlorine generator: No chemicals, additives or special handling required.

•Odours and problems caused by iron and sulphur bacteria are virtually eliminated.

•Advanced, solid-state“system analyzer” (patentpending) monitors and communicates operating modes, even alerts you to low salt conditions.

The EVOLVE Sanitizer Series,  give you the industry’s most advanced control and operating features:

•Safe, low-voltage operation.

•Full 1“ porting through out the system-means the highest service flows with the least amount of pressure drop.

•Proprietary fully electronic metered valve with“ system day over-ride”.

•All regeneration cycles are custom programmed for your specific water problems.

•User friendly design makes the Evolve Sanitizer Series systems easy to operate and maintain.

•Also available-units with KDF85 media for Hydrogen Sulphide reduction (up to1ppm, order-HS).

Features & Specs


Peak Flow (15 psi pressure drop) 14.0 GPM
Continuous Flow (5 psi pressure drop) 8.0 GPM
Backwash Flow rate 5.3 GPM

Grains Capacity/lbs of Salt (Maximum) 34,800/16
Grains Capacity/lbs of Salt (Medium) 32,000/12
Grains Capacity/lbs of Salt (Minimum) 22,900/6
Volume of Media (cu.ft.) 1.60
Max Hardness (grains per gallon) 60
Max Iron (ppm/mg/L) 10
Max H2S (ppm/mg/L) 0.5
Min pH 7.0
Water use per regeneration (gallons) 115
Overall Dimensions 28″ x 62″ (71 cm x 157 cm)
Temperature Range 1-38˚C (33-100˚F)
Pressure Range 25-100 psi
Pressure Range 156 lbs (71 kg)


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