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Viqua Econo Series Sulphur/hydrogen sulphide filter WSBFI-1354CS (2ft3)


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Model #: WSBFI-1354CS

Highly effective sulphur/hydrogen sulphide (“rotten eggs”) removal system without the use of chemicals.
Uses air charge to oxidise up to 5 ppm of sulphur. Precipitated contaminants trapped in media bed.
Fully programmable (water) backwash sequence.

Peak Flow (15 psi pressure drop) 10.5 GPM
Continuous Flow (5 psi pressure drop) 7.0 GPM
Backwash Flow rate 10 GPM

Volume of Media (cu.ft.) 2.00
Max Iron (ppm/mg/L) 1
Max H2S (ppm/mg/L) 5
Min pH 6.8
Water use per regeneration (gallons) 75
Overall Dimensions 13 ” x 62″ (33 cm x 157 cm)
Temperature Range 1-38˚C (33-100˚F)
Pressure Range 25-100 psi
Shipping Weight 130 lbs (59 kg)


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