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Viqua Econo Series Backwashable Charbon filter WS-1054CHM (1.5ft3)


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Model #: WS-1054CHM

CHM systems incorporates KDF-55 for Chlorine reduction / Heavy Metal removal   ( e.g. lead )

Ideal for removal of objectional taste and odour – chlorine, musty odours. Exceptionally high capacity, highly activated carbon (HAC)
Balanced pore structure results in efficient adsorption range
Very low attrition loss

Peak Flow (15 psi pressure drop) 6.5 GPM
Continuous Flow (5 psi pressure drop) 4.0 GPM
Backwash Flow rate 6.0 GPM

Volume of Media (cu.ft.) 1.50
Min pH 6.8
Water use per regeneration (gallons) 72
Overall Dimensions 10 ” x 62″ (25 cm x 157 cm)
Temperature Range 1-38˚C (33-100˚F)
Pressure Range 25-100 psi
Shipping Weight 100 lbs (73 kg)


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