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Back-washable filters

 BackWashable Media filters.

There is a BackWashable Media Filter for Removal / Reduction almost any type of contaminate that is in your drinking water supply. ( Chlorine, Chloramines, Fluoride, Lead, Hydrogen-Sulfide, Iron, Manganese, Tannins,  Nitrate, Uranium, etc...)

Backwashing a drinking water filter system, means reversing and increasing the water’s flow to flush out accumulated debris and particles. Backwashing is not only vital to the life of a filter, it is fundamental to the quality of water coming out of the filter. Sooner or later, all filters need to be backwashed or replaced. Some back-washable media filters may need an oxidizing agent to help clean the filter bed. ( Solution of chlorine, potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide, oxygen, or ozone. )

Most drinking water systems use filters to collect, catch, or gather particles from an incoming water supply. Before the filter’s pores become clogged, they need to be cleaned. One of the best ways to clean a drinking water filter system’s is to backwash it. This, in effect, blasts the clogged particles off of the filter. Although every filter is unique, the principles of backwashing are similar for all of them. Head loss on the filter also indicates the need to backwash.