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Chlorination products

Liquide chlorine or Dry pellet chlorination        
  • Great problem well solutions
  • Chlorine are effective at breaking down organic compounds like tannins.
  • Kills bacteria at the source 
  • Eliminates "rotten egg" odor H2S by eliminating sulfate-reducing bacteria reduces iron and manganese
  • Reduces iron and manganese problems by oxidation/precipitation
  • kills iron bacteria and sulfur reducing bacteria
  • Kills iron bacteria that cause slime, clogging, etc.
  • kills fecal coliform and reduces total coliform bacteria
  • oxidizes iron and sulfur
The Well PRO™and LP-300™ Dry Pellet Chlorinator dry pellet chlorination    
  • Reliable, consistent dosing with less hassle and maintenance than liquid chlorinators
  • Kills bacteria at the wellhead source well water disinfection
  • Kills iron bacteria that cause slime, pump and screen clogging, etc.
  • Safe, easy loading of pre-packaged pellets -- NO chemicals handling
  • purifies and disinfects well water
  • Rugged, weatherproof construction designed for stand-alone outdoor installation
  • dry chlorine pellets
  • Adjustable dosage rate to accommodate any disinfection requirement.
  • Water demand operation. Feeds pellets according to well pump kick-on and duration
  • The Well Pro / LP-3000 are ANSI/NSF 61, Chlorine pellets are certified by NSA International to ANSI/NSF Standard 60 for use with potable water..