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LUMINOR Replacement UV Sensor RS-B2.5V


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Model #: RS-B2.5V

Replacement UV Sensor   RS-B2.5V

For all NSF VALIDATED BLACKCOMB 6.0 products                                               (LB6-061A, LB6- 101A, LB6-151A and all 230V models)

• 254 nm Teflon® based UV sensor with 4-20 mA output capabilities

• "free floating" design eliminates cable twisting as in competitive systems • keyed design for optimum   sensor positioning

• integral IEP (infinite expandability port) for module interfacing

• watertight design with full one-year, "no-hassle" warranty

The 254nm UV sensor module allows for a UV sensor upgrade to all BLACKCOMB 5.0 systems (or replacement on all BLACKCOMB 6.0 systems). All BLACKCOMB 5.0 systems come supplied with a built-in expandability port (with the exception of the 3 gpm system), simply remove the Teflon glow plug from the port and affix the UV sensor module. Plug the sensor into the IEP (infinite expandability port) on the controller and restart the system and your system will now monitor the UV intensity given off by the system.

LUMINOR UV systems are covered by the following warranty:

REACTORS.....Ten (10) year Limited Warranty

ELECTRONICS.....Three (3) year Limited Warranty

UV LAMPS.....One (1) year Limited Warranty

QUARTZ SLEEVES.....One (1) year Limited Warranty

UV SENSORS.....One (1) year Limited Warranty 


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