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Ultra violet replacement parts

   Always use the real thing!    

Using other lamps or replacement parts in your ( VIQUA UV ) - ( LUMINOR UV ) system presents a lot of risks. These can include health risks, fire risks, reliability risks, and loss of system certification.

VIQUA is proud to put the VIQUA brand name on all of our lamps. It’s your guarantee of total UV system performance and safety. If it’s not branded by VIQUA, it’s not a VIQUA product . Look for these brands – not part numbers – when choosing a lamp, sleeve or replacement part : VIQUA, UVMAX, or Sterilight

 Choose only VIQUA lamps for your VIQUA UV system. Other lamps are simply not worth the risk.

Choose only LUMINOR lamps for your LUMINOR UV system. Colour coded and part number-etched for easy lamp identification Other lamps are simply not worth the risk.

You bought a ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system because you wanted to keep your family safe from waterborne contaminants, like bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other microorganisms. To make sure your family stays protected, you need to maintain your system by cleaning the quartz sleeve and changing your lamp every year.