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What carbon foot print will you leave behind?

Posted by Alice Caron on

Imagine a world without pollution...this would be fantastic!  We live in the industrial world and all of us pollute everyday with the way we have learned to live and the products we use.

Have you ever wondered what you put down the drain…?

Where it goes…? The water goes back to our rivers and lakes and into the aquifer. We use this water, we treat it, and we drink it, it goes back to the drain and the cycle continues. We have been using the same water for thousands of years, the only difference the water today is not safe because of pollution.

What if we all start making small changes? One person doesn’t have much of an impact but you add 100 and more than you start seeing results! You mite not notice one rain drop but the 100 will be visible.

Are you on a well? If yes it is important to do a water analysis considering this information. But most cities and well owners do not verify for pharmaceutical, pesticides, herbicides and hormones. The majority of the population on wells will do the basic microorganism water analysis and neglect to do the chemical water analysis recommended by Health Canada to assure no armful chemical contaminants are present in the water source.

The products we use, the way we live, what we do, all have a huge impact on our health and the environment. Do you want to make a difference? Do you want to know how to maintain you well to prevent contamination? If yes give us a call and we will give you the necessary information depending on you situation.

Think of it...? With the nessacary changes you will reduce your carbon foot prints, for a better world for the next generation. Change your habits and the big industries will have to fallow our trends! We have a big impact if we all get together just like the rain drop!


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